Urban Greening Ideas

Roof Space

Where space is limited, green roofs play an important role in providing green space both for wildlife and people. There are many different types and designs of green roof. Larger-sized extensive green roof spaces provide ecological value as well as amenity space to socialise and relax. However, smaller roofs with no access can still provide ecological benefit but providing undisturbed spaces for wildlife.

  • Green & Brown Roofs

    An intensive green or brown roof will provide ecological benefits such as supporting a wide range of insects and birds, even if it is not accessible it can also provide visual amenity for users of the street or building. Addition of features such as logs and stones provide additional benefits to biodiversity. 

  • Green Roofs

    Green roofs can be designed as recreational spaces to be enjoyed by people, as visual, sustainable or ecological features to support wildlife or a combination of both. An accessible roof with planters or water features can help reduce the heat island effect and insulate the building as well as proving opportunities for relaxation and increasing biodiversity.  

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