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Smarter Recycling

We’ve simplified waste management with an area-wide waste collection and recycling scheme across Baker Street Quarter and Harley Street BID, that will help your business cut costs and meet its green goals.

As more businesses use our service, the more we improve the area’s air quality and congestion by having fewer vehicles in the Quarter collecting rubbish. We have already seen a 46% reduction in collection trips since launching in 2014, which we aim to increase as more businesses sign up.

Using Smarter Recycling is one of the many ways you can help make the Quarter and your business cleaner and greener. But it’s great for cost saving too as all businesses in the area qualify for preferential rates across all waste streams, with BakerStreetQ and Harley Street members receiving exclusive member rates for further savings.

Smarter Recycling now has two scheme partners, First Mile and Recorra – so you can choose the service that best suits your business’ needs. In addition to general waste and recycling, these partners also offer:

First Mile

  • First Mile recycles over 20 different types of materials, from the usual suspects of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and food, to the more obscure such as coffee pods, textiles, light bulbs and cooking oil. With a no landfill policy, anything that can’t be recycled is turned into green energy.

  • Their electric zero-emissions cargo bikes are out on the streets collecting waste from businesses as and when required.

  • Detailed reporting, even for businesses based in multi-tenant buildings who benefit from using easily identifiable bar-coded sacks, so you can keep track of your recycling rates to help you reach targets.

  • Detailed waste audits assess the waste your business produces, what is recycled and what is thrown away. You then receive a Waste Audit Report with recommendations on how to cut waste and improve your recycling rates.

  • Redistributing WEEE into the community. By using First Mile to dispose of your old laptops, monitors and other IT equipment, they will refurbish the items and redistribute them to charities and community groups.

  • Their monthly FREE ‘How to Recycle’ online interactive workshop shows businesses the best ways to recycle and how to set up services in the right way, plus a chance to answer commonly asked questions surrounding recycling.


  • Recorra provides users with SustainABLE Boxes that enable you to capture hard-to-recycle items such as crisp and snack packets, stationery, plastic film, textiles, toiletries and coffee pods.

  • Detailed waste audits help you to understand what you are throwing away and involve sorting through rubbish either onsite or at their depot. Recorra will then identify recycling solutions to dramatically cut your waste.

  • Recorra offer free Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) Sweeps on a quarterly basis to members. In addition to this, they offer ad hoc WEEE collections, including items such as office equipment, kitchen appliances and white goods, of which working items are refurbished and reused whilst non-working items are disassembled and the components recycled.

  • The Recycling Hub allows multi-occupied buildings to provide its tenants with a pay-as-you-go service for any of the Recorra recycling services. Users also benefit from detailed reporting to help keep track of recycling rates and measure achievements against targets.

  • FREE monthly Webinars on different themes such as Waste and Recycling Legislation and World Food Day. Our partners have been thoroughly vetted to the highest environmental standards and operate zero to landfill services.

Ready To Join Smarter Recycling?

The first step is to arrange a FREE no obligation waste audit, you can request this with any or all of your preferred suppliers.

Members and non-members wanting to join the scheme must inform the suppliers directly to ensure the exclusive member-rate or discounted rate is applied to your service. To check if your business is a member click here

020 7407 9100

First Mile
0333 3003448

Contact us for information about preferential rates for Westminster City Council’s Commercial Waste Services.

Please be aware of the time restrictions for presenting waste and recycling on the pavement. You can view the specific timings here by entering your street name. Bags left on the street outside of these times could attract a Fixed Penalty Notice fine.

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