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Our aim is to enhance and manage the area for the benefit of everyone working here, living locally and visiting. We are striving for an area that is compelling, inclusive, progressive and exceptional. We are placing sustainability at the heart of our ambition with delivery focused on people’s health and wellbeing, supporting those in need, delivering social value and benefitting the local and global environment.

The Baker Street Quarter Partnership was established in 2013 as a Business Improvement District (BID) – a not-for-profit company funded and directed by local businesses for the benefit of the broader community of the Baker Street and Marylebone area.

Our mandate was renewed in November 2022, with an 80% turnout and 99% approval of businesses by both number and value. This ballot also secured an extension of our area of work north to encompass Marylebone Station, building a connection to new businesses, providing focus on this key gateway to the area and bringing us closer to the focus of our Smarter Giving programme.

Our Priorities

Our projects and initiatives are divided into the following five areas. You can get involved in the delivery of these by joining one of our steering groups – Streets & Spaces, Vibrancy & Community, and Sustainability. Get in touch to find out more about how to get involved.

  • Progressive and High Quality Environment

    Creating a compelling and inclusive place that supports wellbeing and has sustainability at its heart with informed place-shaping projects. This includes gateways and navigation, greening and biodiversity, accessibility and equality, diversity and inclusion, culture and identity, relaxation and wellbeing.

    View more about our work on Placemaking

  • Clean, Safe and Resilient

    Ensuring the area is clean, safe, well managed and resilient through our dedicated street management, effective communications and facilitated local networks.

    Find out more:

    Security and Resilience

    Area Management

  • Vibrancy and Experience

    Adding fun and appeal for everyone with enlivening experiences, exciting events, and an array of activities supporting the attraction and retention of workers and visitors and ensuring the area’s future vitality.

    Find out about our Vibrancy and Identity projects.

  • Connected and Caring

    Promoting social and environmental impact and wellbeing while supporting the delivery of businesses’ sustainability and ESG objectives.

    Find out more about our Smarter Giving programme

    Visit our Sustainability Hub

    Find out more about the benefits of being an employee of a member business

  • Promoted Supported and Represented

    Ensuring the charms of Marylebone and its businesses are well known, appealing to local workers and drawing in visitors to sustain the vitality of the area. Providing tailored support and advocating for our businesses and for Marylebone.

    Find out more about our advocacy work

    Visit our area promotion site Make It Marylebone

Reports & Documents

If you would like printed copies of any of our documents please get in touch.

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