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Training And Wellbeing Hub – Have You Signed Up Yet?

A reminder to those that work at local businesses that you now have FREE access to over 200 online courses and webinars at our new Training and Wellbeing Hub, delivered in partnership with SEEDL.

Visit the Training and Wellbeing Hub here for a full listing of all the courses coming up over the next few weeks. Here are just a few forthcoming highlights:

Understanding Cultural Differences Working Across Global Markets – 20 Feb, 9.30

How to communicate effectively & clearly within different cultures. Tips and techniques as well as etiquette to help employees communicate with clarity and build strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

Sleep and Relaxation – 26 Feb or 7 Mar, 12.30

You need to relax more: if it were as easy as that none of us would be stressed! Understand why a lack of sleep and relaxation is so detrimental to our health, and explore ways to sleep better and build relaxation into your day.

Understanding Imposter Syndrome – 27 Feb or 18 Apr, 9.30

Have you ever doubted your abilities or felt like a fraud, like you don’t belong where you are? This session will help you improve your knowledge on Imposter Syndrome, how you can recognise imposter feelings when they emerge, and the role the workplace plays in this.

Presentation Skills: Hints & Tips – 1 Mar, 10.00

In this short session you’ll be equipped with some hints on how to grab your audiences attention by use of tone and structure.

A reminder that member businesses have the option to bulk signup all of their employees to the platform for free in one go. Get in touch here to find out more.

Not sure if your business is a member? View our full member list here.

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