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The ProtectUK app enables you to access real-time information from Counter Terrorism (CT) Policing plus the latest protective security advice, wherever you are. The app is free to use and features practical guidance to help protect your business, plus how to respond in the event of an attack. You can find information on CT Policing’s ACT training products and it also plays host to a suite of NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) guidance videos and the latest reference documents and publications.

ProtectUK was launched in 2022 as a new central hub for counter terrorism and security advice, aimed at business owners, security workers and members of the public. People are encouraged to register with ProtectUK to become part of the community and receive the latest news and online courses that will enable you to be better protected. Find more about the app and ProtectUK here.

Our own Security and Resilience programme is designed to enhance the capacity of the Baker Street Quarter area and the businesses within it to resist, respond, react to and recover from a threat to business arising from a security-related incident. As an organisation, we gather intelligence, deter criminal behaviour and facilitate communications between security teams, the Police and the Council. You can find out more about our activities here.

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