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Improve Business Resilience

Our Security and Resilience programme is designed to enhance the capacity of the area, and the businesses within it, to resist, respond, react to and recover from a threat arising from a security-related incident, with a series of initiatives, training and activities. Below is a reminder of ways that we can help your business to increase its resilience to potential outside threats. 

Online Cyber Security Training 

Our online Training and Wellbeing Hub, supported by SEEDL, has a Cyber Security Essentials course coming up on 24 July (the course can also be viewed on demand). The hour-long webinar enables attendees to discover current global trends in cyber-attacks and how to recognise them, learn of their potential impact and simple measures to put in place to combat them. Find out more here 

The Cyber Security course sits within SEEDL’s Compliance programme that also includes courses in GDPR, Anti-money laundering, Anti-bribery, and Corruption and Bullying and Harassment. Find out more here 

Business Resilience Toolkit 

A reminder that West End Security Group (WESG) has a Business Resilience Toolkit featuring practical advice and a checklist of activities for businesses to help them better prepare to deal with the threat of a terrorist incident or other major disruptive event. For more information and to apply for the toolkit (free of charge) visit the WESG website. BakerStreetQ plays an active role in the WESG, benefitting from up-to-date guidance and intelligence from the Police, and sharing information and best practice with fellow central London partners. 

You can find out more about our Security and Resilience activities, including the work of our Street Team as well as the various security communications, evidence collation and intelligence sharing here 

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