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Counter Terrorism And Resilience Update

As part of our commitment to supporting member businesses with their business continuity planning and security resilience, we have the following updates from our partners: 

ProtectUK, the central hub for counter terrorism and security advice, offers an award-winning ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) e-learning course for business professionals to expand their knowledge of best practices to help counter terrorism and increase security awareness. Find out more here. 

Also, a reminder that the team at West End Security Group (WESG) has put together a practical toolkit that focuses on ensuring that businesses are better prepared to deal with the threat of a terrorist incident or other major disruptive event. The Business Resilience Toolkit features a straightforward checklist of eight areas of activity, each one supported by relevant guidance and further information, in an accessible, simple to follow and easy to complete format. The checklist can be printed off to keep track of your progress and confirm that you are hitting all eight aspects. For more information and to apply for the toolkit (free of charge) visit the WESG website. BakerStreetQ plays an active role in the WESG, benefitting from up-to-date guidance and intelligence from the Police and sharing information and best practice with fellow central London partners. 

In other news, the National Protective Security Authority’s (NPSA) campaign – Think Before You Link – aims to protect you, your colleagues, and your organisation from the risk posed by foreign spies and criminals using social and professional networking sites to connect with people in the UK who have access to valuable and sensitive information. The guidance provides practical advice on how to identify them, how to respond, and how to minimise the risk of being targeted in the first instance. More information, including how to access the related app, is available here 

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