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Review Of An Incredible Year

As the year ends and we approach our third anniversary in April, we thought we’d indulge in a review of our ‘best bits’ of 2015.

Our Subway is being completely transformed into the Wonderpass. Re-opening at the end of January it will be a great attraction as users safely avoid the busy Marylebone Road. We’re making major strides to improve air quality and reduce traffic with our Smarter Recycling programme having so far reduced waste-related traffic by 12%. We are also driving forward our Smarter Delivery consolidation plans and we’re pleased to see the Baker Street Two Way plans develop following feedback from the public consultation. Our recent British BIDs Proud Projects Award recognised our Smarter GivingCSR work which has helped 30 members raise £80,000 and support 40 different activities for 20 local charities and community groups – not bad going! A staggering 10,000 of you enjoyed our Summer in the Square events which included our Summer Festival, Sunset Cinema and Wimbledon Live. We also put on many other events including two Networking events, eight Food Markets, 14 Walks and Tours, countless Clubs and our first Netball Tournament! And hundreds of you have benefitted from exclusive deals on our Baker Street Regulars free app. We’ve run 15 free Training Courses and Workshops, helped to resolve 7,987 issues out and about in the Quarter, repaired and replaced paving in three locations, cleaned 1000m² of paving … we could go on.

Our Member’s Survey 2014/15, independently conducted by the Policy Studies Institute, gave us a resounding thumbs up with 94% of respondents happy with their experience of BakerStreetQ and its work, 92% finding the Quarter ‘an attractive area’, 9/10 finding it enjoyable to spend time in and 8/10 finding the Quarter ‘well-maintained, safe and clean’.

We’d like to thank our members and board members for working with us, helping and supporting our projects throughout this incredible year. We’ll bring you updates on our further progress in 2016 but in the meantime we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a magnificent 2016.

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