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Quarter Businesses Helping You Go Plastic Free

The Quarter’s businesses continually make us proud with their commitment to sustainability, so as it’s Plastic Free July we’ve rounded up a few of the ways our local businesses can help you go plastic free this month and beyond. From refillable water stations to the lunch spots where you can bring your own lunch containers, this commitment to a sustainable future in turn helps employees, visitors and locals to make easy, ethical choices.

Need to top up your water bottle? Pure on Baker Street has a still and sparkling filtered water service that anyone can use. We’re also big fans of schemes at Baker Street’s Tossed and George Street’s Food Filosophy that let you bring your own container to fill with their delicious food. For caffeine-lovers, almost all cafes and coffee shops in the Quarter offer discounts or rewards for using a reusable coffee cup. Many sell their own too – so make July the month you ditch disposable cups for good and keep a reusable coffee cup in the office so you always have one ready for your daily caffeine fix!

Many of our office-based members have inspiring examples of sustainability that we want to celebrate too. Always on the hunt for ways to minimise their environmental impact, PIMCO had a great success with a 12-month pilot scheme of compostable vegware in their office from our Smarter Recycling partner Paper Round, which has now been permanently adopted by the company. Read more about PIMCO’s scheme here and to find out more about joining the scheme email BakerStreetQ member Revcap is signed up to Plastic Action, which partners with businesses committed to sustainability to offset their plastic use as well as adopting robust plastic waste reduction strategies. And Aspect Capital has a supply of lunch containers that employees can take out to buy their lunch – a great way to make it easier for employees to make sustainable choices.

Struggling with some hard-to-recycle items in your workplace? Our Smarter Recycling partner Paper Round recently introduced the SustainABLE Box, which is a great way of capturing plastic items like crisp packets, coffee pods or plastic film. You can sign up with PaperRound (they don’t have to be your wider waste contractor) for these dedicated, labelled boxes that will be collected when they’re full. Once collected, materials get sorted and transported to one of Paper Round’s re-processors, where your hard-to-recycle items get transformed into new products – some of which you can buy back! Find out more from

Find out more about our Smarter Recycling scheme here, and to share your own sustainability successes please email us on





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