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Police’s Personal Safety Advice and Common Distraction Techniques

Whilst BakerStreetQ is generally a low crime area, it is sensible to keep alert and avoid risky situations when out and about.

Here is some safety advice and information on common distraction techniques from The Metropolitan Police. Please advise your staff to be aware and vigilant:

  • Mobile phones, cameras and laptops are desirable to thieves so, if you’re in a café or restaurant, always keep them close and never unattended on a table or hanging on the back of a chair.
  • Be wary of staged distractions such as people entering your venue and approaching customers asking for directions using a map. The map (the distraction) is placed on the table over a phone or wallet. When the person leaves they remove the map along with the valuables. If you are jostled, bumped, hugged or crowded by anyone, consider that a pickpocket may be in action.
  • Another method used is the sale Christmas cards or other items for charity. The cards are placed on the table as the distraction and are removed along with the items of personal property.
  • Thieves on mopeds have been known to snatch mobile phones while they’re in use – use bluetooth or headphones to guard against this.


If you’re going out tonight

A reminder that there is advice from Transport for London on how to book a safe cab to get home. You can also text CAB to 60835 to request numbers of licensed minicab firms in your geographical proximity.

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