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Leading On Sustainable Events

Committed to leading on sustainability commitments, BakerStreetQ member Cushman & Wakefield has produced a new Sustainable Events Charter. The Charter introduces a checklist of key criteria that the company is committed to delivering globally at their events.

Events for large numbers of people can put a strain on local resources such as water and energy and create significant waste, such as printed paper and one-time-use stands and displays. Recognising the problem this creates, Cushman & Wakefield, based on Portman Square, aims to lead the way in creating sustainable real estate events. The new Charter ensures that sustainability will be the primary consideration when planning any event activity, ensuring Cushman & Wakefield will:

  • Consider whether the event needs to be in-person or would a virtual event deliver the same results for a fraction of the carbon footprint?
  • Work with venues and third-party suppliers who have sustainable event policies in place
  • Eliminate all single-use plastics from events
  • Offer a hybrid/remote attendance experience
  • Provide catering sourced locally, offering a more plant-based menu with less red meat

Plus more important points which you can read in full here.

This fantastic initiative is a great step towards increased sustainability and is sure to inspire many other businesses to take similar action.

Have you got a sustainability success story? Let us know by emailing Eleanor on [email protected].

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