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Latest Data On Area Return

We continue to survey our office sector members and monitor TfL travel stats to give you insight into habits of workers and visitors, and the latest results are in. As well as helping us build a picture of the area’s recovery, the data will help to inform local retail and hospitality businesses’ resourcing plans.

While 53% of companies have their long-term working plan established, this means almost as many are yet to have their plan finalised. Many are still in consultation with staff and exploring trial working arrangements, so we will continue to bring you the latest data over the summer.

Key points from our survey found that 68% of respondents will be encouraging members of staff to return to the office, and there is still a strong trend towards a wider return in September. When estimating what percentage of their staff will be in the workplace in September the majority of offices stated 60-70% will return then. When asked about the frequency of office working at their business, 2-3 days a week less in the office was the most popular response. From previous surveys and insight, we expect the mid-week days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to be most popular.

TfL passenger stats at our closest tube stations still show a gradual week-on-week increase, which is great news and shows ever-increasing confidence in central London. We have set up a new Advocacy and Insights page on our website where you can take a look at the latest statistics from our surveys, and we will bring you the latest data in our newsletter too.


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