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How Resilient Is Your Business?

Westminster City Council and West End Security Group have produced a Business Readiness Toolkit to help small and medium-sized businesses manage risk. West End Security Group is a membership organisation of BIDs and estates which works with key partners to improve community resilience and of which Baker Street Quarter is a founding member.

Covid-19 has clearly highlighted the need to prioritise risk assessment, business continuity and preparedness at our businesses. Being more resilient means that a business can reduce the impact of known risks and increase its chance to respond to and recover from the unexpected.

The handy toolkit, with input from Baker Street Quarter, outlines five key readiness criteria to help you understand how prepared your business is:

  • Risk Assessment – identifying and assessing the risks
  • Crisis Response – being able to respond quickly to an emergency
  • Planning – having a simple business continuity plan in place
  • Informed Staff – staff are trained and understand the risks and the business’ plans
  • Collaboration – Together we are stronger

You can access the Toolkit here. We’re grateful to Westminster City Council and WESG for putting this together, as it will be a valuable guide for many of the Quarter’s SMEs.

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