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From Cutlery To Compost

Disposable tableware and single-use packaging is being used in restaurants, cafés and offices during this period as a health and safety measure. We are all of course concerned about the reliance on single-use packaging and additional wrapping and its impact on the environment; but now BakerStreetQ members have a sustainable alternative to the disposal of single-use containers and cutlery, thanks to our recycling partner Paper Round’s tie-up with Vegware, a global specialist in plant-based and compostable food service packaging.

The new composting service sees Vegware’s biodegradable tableware and packaging collected in a separate waste stream. This is then processed in a composting facility, where it is turned into compost over a seven-week cycle.

It’s simple to switch to Vegware compostable packaging. Sign up and you’ll get help with communication and engagement tools so your staff know how to properly dispose of this packaging. Customers and employees will see your commitment to the environment. You can find out more about the Vegware composting process here. There is also an informative webinar hosted by Paper Round and Vegware to explain more about the new service.

One of our members, PIMCO had this to say about the service, ‘Once we were able to join the scheme and create the right waste pattern for the people to follow, making it easy for all to sort their waste properly, the response was exceedingly positive. We are the only office in PIMCO Global doing this (mainly because there is no availability elsewhere) and our HQ has commended us for taking this step. I think it’s an easy thing to institute and brings a real sense of satisfaction to the end user.’

To find out more about this service and associated costs email us.

By signing up to our Smarter Recycling programme, not only will it cost you less but it will also lower Quarter’s carbon footprint. Having a single supplier in the area also means less traffic and more space to enjoy living and working in, and visiting the area in greater safety. Plus, clearer kerbsides and pavements makes more room for social distancing and capacity for outdoor dining.

Email us to sign up to the Smarter Recycling programme, or for further information about any of the initiatives featured here.

*** Have PPE items that need disposal? Paper Round is offering a 10% discount on its PPE collection service when booked through the BakerStreetQ.



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