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Flexi Season Tickets

We know that access to flexible transport tickets is important for many considering their return to the workplace, and flexible schemes are available now. National Rail’s new Flexi Season Tickets are available to purchase and offer 8 days of travel in 28 days at any time between two stations. The 8 days of travel doesn’t need to be specified in advance, giving part-time commuters more flexibility to travel when they want and need. Find out more here.

For those using the TfL Network, TfL’s existing flexible fare system will help you to travel flexibly, with pay-as-you-go fares and automatic capping. By using a contactless bank card or device, you’ll always pay the correct, capped fee and with no need to purchase a Travelcard in advance. To track your travel, you can download TfL’s Oyster and Contactless app. By travelling into central London after 9.30am, you can enjoy off-peak fares even if you travel during the afternoon and evening peak times too. Find a handy – and printable – summary of TfL fare caps here.

Reassuringly, earlier in the year, it was reported by an Imperial College London study that no traces of Covid-19 or its variants were found across the entire TfL network. Testing took place at a variety of stations, bus routes and trains, with swabs taken from heavily touches areas and the air, but none of the tests found any sign of the virus.

You can watch Commissioner Andy Byford’s latest video update which summarises what TfL is doing to keep London moving.

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