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Be On Your Guard At The ATM

Members of our Street Safety Team discovered what appears to be an iPod hidden at the top of the TSB’s ATM on Baker Street. The camera was recording the pin pad. They also found a small plastic device in the card slot. Both of these items were handed into the Police, and CCTV has now been installed to monitor the ATM.

However, whether your’re using this ATM or another, we would encourage you to make staff and visitors aware, and take care when using any cash points to check above the pin pad for any recording device and not use the machine if the card slot looks tampered with. Here are five key things to watch out for, according to fraud experts:

• False fronts – entire false fronts are sometimes fitted to ATMs to capture people’s PINs. If something looks unusual or tampered with, this may be an indication.

• Skimmer – a bulky card insert slot might suggest the use of a ‘skimmer’ – a tool that is attached to the card slot on an ATM and takes card details during a withdrawal

• Lebanese loop – a tiny plastic device or sleeve that traps cards in the machine. Look out for a loose or blocked card slot

• PIN-pad overlay – If the pin-pad feels loose, thick, or sponge-like, then it may be a fake

• Distraction –some fraudsters work in teams to distract people whist checking PIN numbers or take cards/cash. Be vigilant whilst using the machine

If you are made aware of any fraudulent activity, as well as reporting to Action Fraud and to the bank branch if possible. You can call our Street Safety Team, Monday – Sunday 7am – 11pm, on: 07456 673 895, or you can email them.

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